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Yin Yang by Squirtster13 Yin Yang :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 1 0
Territorialrain's Hug a Giant Day
Chronos sat on a pillar near by, just thinking about stuff, enjoying the peace and tranquility of the night sky with all its shining stars. As usual, Chronos' thoughts are depressing and self doubting as they sit alone on top of the pillar and stare at nothing but the dark outlines in night.
 'Figures, the goof just had to sit on one of the tallest pillars around here!' Aglanthos thought to them self as they climb up the pillar with a flashlight in hand. Having not seen the taller one all day, Aglanthos was beginning to worry about their friend and other haft. The shorter finally makes it to the top of the pillar and is faced with the view of Chronos' slouched back.
 Chronos breaths out a wiry sigh and closes their eyes. The taller of the divided god of chaos didn't know why, but their thoughts were, for the most part, very depressing. Then again, it's who they were. Chronos being the depression and Aglanthos being the happiness. Chronos opens their eyes again but noticed a l
:iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 2 3
Max and Steel
"I don't know Steel, I was hoping that you had an idea." I reply,
'Well we should probably see if we can still go turbo. Wouldn't want to find out the hard way that we can't,' Steel suggests.
"Yeah, that's probably a good idea." I say, going to stand up but I remember that Steel is right next to me. "Heya Steel, you might want to back up a bit."
'Why?... oh right! Got ya,' Steel says.
  Once he's backed up, I swing my legs over the side of my bed and stand up. I turn around, looking for Steel, and see him still hovering over my pillow.
"So, we just gonna do it like normal?" I ask him as he floats over,
' I don't see how we can do this any other way,' Steel replies smartly.
I choose to ignore it and just get on with it, "alright. let's go turbo, flight!"
  With a flash of blue, Steel and I link up and transform into flight mode. The light show fades and reveals me and Steel in the suit with wing like things sticking out and that I'm still normal size, which is a big
:iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 0 0
Now what?
Few minutes later finds Max walking through the door of the apartment, his mom still at work and steel nowhere to be found.
"Hey steel where are you buddy?" Max calls, taking his shoes off and walking through the apartment looking for his partner.
'You home?' Steel responds through their link,
"Yeah but where are you?"
'I'm around, look just go in your room and sit down on the bed. It would be bad if you fainted and hit your head,'
"Ok," so Max walked into his room and laid down on his bed. "So what's up, and where are you?"
'Well, you remember how Berto needed my help with something?'
"Yeah, what about it?"
'Well, he needed help testing a new invention. I was setting up a few targets for it but the thing malfunctioned and ended up blasting me,'
"It did, dude are you alright?" Max asked sounding concerned,
'Generally speaking yes, but there is one slight issue.'
"And what's that?"
'It shrunk me to an eighth of an inch,' Steel says quickly.
For a moment, Max doesn't respond. Letting the
:iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 1 0
Shrunken Steel
Just another normal day in copper canyon, sky's blue, people bustling from place to place, and just an all around beautiful spring day. Teen hero Max Steel, aka 17 year old Max Magrath, is scouting the city, with his pal steel, in flight mode. As usual they're bickering with each other over one thing another, in this case, which turbo mode was the coolest.
"... I'm telling ya steel, rocket mode is the bomb. I mean we did take makino out the first time with it, plus, we're a literal living rocket,"
"While that may be true I still say mimic is the best, especially with strength. I mean come on, I can actually do stuff other than sit on your chest lookin' pretty." 'Thought I don't mind that in certain cases if you know what I mean,' steel retaliates.
Max just shakes his head and rolls his eyes, "yeah ok I can't argue with that. But I still like rocket mode better,"
The rest of the patrol was quiet. Lucky for them, no criminals decided to go out today. They get back to the N-tek base to fi
:iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 1 0
Size Don't Matter
 I'm sitting at my desk in school, staring out the window I'm next to, watching the clouds float by. This is my free period so I finished my homework and now I'm just waiting for school to end. As I'm starting into space, I let my mind wander off. I end up thinking about my best friend and long time crush, Taylor Macon.
We've been friends as long as I can remember and I've had a crush on her since grade 8. She's about 4'6" with waist length, chocolate brown hair and emerald eyes, while I'm 6' with black hair and silvery grey eyes. Yes there's a height difference but it doesn't change the fact that I love her to no end, I've always liked shorter girls anyway.
I get bored of watching clouds so I pull out my sketch book and draw the scenery outside, which in my opinion is the best view in the school! By the end of class, I managed to get the sky and horizon down including the colours that go with them. When the bell rings, I pack up my books and head to my locker. When I'm ready to g
:iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 2 4
Mature content
Never Again (Chap 17) :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 0 0
Mature content
Ants in your pants (Chap 16) :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 0 0
Mature content
Explanation (Chap 15) :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 0 0
Found out (Chap 14)
8:15pm (at the table)
"So, besides slipping on the stairs, how was your day Robert?" My Dad asked me,
"Uh, it was fine. How bout yours?" I say trying to divert the conversation away from me,
"It was.. interesting, we managed to finish up the framework for the house down on Johnston street so that's coming along nicely but some important materials will be arriving late so we're double and triple checking to make sure the measurements are correct."
"That's cool," I say not really interested in it.
I hear Dart and Scratch talking in my head about something, but I can't make out what they're saying exactly. I focus a bit more on their conversation to hear what they're saying and hear them talking about what happened earlier.
'Guys, why are you still talking about that?' I ask them,
'Why do ya think? Dude this kind of injury can really damage someone, what happens if it gets any worse? You could end up paralyzed!' Scratch replies,
'Don't worry about me right now. For the time being, I can s
:iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 0 0
Way too Close (Chap 13)
Later that night (8:00 pm)
Rob's been asleep for hours now, we're not sure how long but it's been a while since he moved at all, aside from him breathing. Dart fell asleep a few minutes ago and I now have the sudden urge to use the restroom! I'm debating whether or not to wake Rob up to ask but as time goes by, I give up and call Rob.
'Rob, can you wake up please?' Nothing happens beyond more snoring, 'Rob! Rob are you awake?' I shout in my head, hoping to rouse the sleeping giant.
There's a hitch in his breathing and he lets out a quiet groan, 'uuuhhgg, what's wrong?'
He answers tiredly,
'Um, I need to go...' I say sheepishly.
'Wha- oh!' He says, quickly catching the hint. 'Hold on,' he says.
I suddenly see the shadow of his hand reaching for the pendant, he holds it in his hand and mutters the words "release conscious one" and with a dull flash, I'm standing on the back of his hand. The surface beneath me slowly rises as Rob moves to sit up.
I look up at the giant face above me and s
:iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 0 0
Mature content
Drenched (Chap 12) :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 0 0
Mature content
Storm's a Comin (Chap 11) :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 0 0
Feelings Unfold (Chap 10)
Next morning (7:00)
I wake up to someone yelling in my ear, I let out a groan before rolling over, away from the voice. It's quiet for I while but suddenly feel something, or should I say someone, climbing my hair. The voice returns and I recognize it as Dart's,
"Uhhhh.... Dart? What are you doing?" I ask tiredly,
"Trying to get your lazy butt up! You have school today, remember?" He says sounding annoyed.
This wakes me up in a hurry, I quickly get out of bed, placing Scratch on my pillow, and quickly grabbing clothes. Dart is still on my shoulder but I don't really care, he and Scratch have both seen me without clothes on before so it doesn't bother me to get dressed in front of them.
"Guess we should keep our 'fun times' on nights you don't have school the next day," I hear Dart snicker in my ear.
"Oh pipe down! You guys are the ones that did it! Not that I mind," I mumble the last part.
Soon I'm dressed and I carefully scoop Scratch off my pillow and put him in my chest pocket. Afte
:iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 0 0
Mature content
After Dinner (Chap 9) :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 0 0
Mature content
Dirty Time (Chap 8) :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 0 0


Tickling in Art Class
Tickling in Art Class
Another boring day in art class … April stared out the window as the teacher lectured about some old dead artist that she didn't care about.  This was her month!  It was April.  Why was she stuck in a classroom on a beautiful day like today?
She felt a kick beneath her chair.  Annoyed she looked back.  It was Heather kicking the back of her chair.  "Pay attention," she whispered.  April sighed annoyed.  It was none of Heather's business whether or not she daydreamed.
"Ms. Moon?" the professor broke in.
April faced forward suddenly, having realized that the teacher was calling on her by her last name.  "Yes Mrs. Robinson?"
"This afternoon your group is going to do a painting of you, right?"
"Ummm …," April looked back at Heather a little confused.  Heather just kicked her seat again and looked at her annoyed.  She nodded with a stern look. 
:iconmandrakemoorglade:MandrakeMoorglade 97 22
Supernatural: Admit You Like It
Sam had started noticing Dean's little quirk... yeah, since he was around 12. It was always something that would get Dean to smile and have a good time for a little while, and now that Sam was recalling, he would ask for it a lot. He probed and annoyed all the time.
"Dean," Sam said while they were reading up on online sources to look for a case.
"Yes, Sammy?" Dean answered after swigging from his beer.
"Remember when I'd tickle you when we were little?"
"Yeahah, I do. Why're you bringing that up?" 
"Because I just noticed a pattern... you would always instigate me tickling you. Lihike always."
Dean blushed and cleared his throat, "I think your memory is whack, Sam. It was always me fighting back to your annoyance."
Sam rolled his eyes, continuing on his own train of thought, "Dehean, you like being tickled, don't you? You just don't want to admit it."
Dean huffed, keeping up his tough guy exterior, "Sam, that is really the most sleep-deprived thought you've ever had. Get s
:iconmichelleandthebeatle:MichelleAndTheBeatle 13 20
The Golden Touch 4
Nixie found herself waking up not long after. She groaned, pushing off the coarse fabric bunched around her body. It was tight, and confining. She yearned for the open air and the spacious forest she lived in. But she wouldn't be able to return for some time yet. Not until she found the amulet and returned it to its rightful home.
She blinked open her eyes, gazing around at her surroundings cautiously. The human-who-was-cursed was sitting not far from her with his back turned, while the brother-of-the-cursed was sitting on a bed across the room. They were both watching a strange flashing-with-pictures-box that was facing the beds, with an odd intensity. Trying to avoid catching the attention of the brother-of-the-cursed, Nixie put both feet on the ground, standing up so she could see how bad the damage to her wing was.
The human-who-was-cursed turned at the noise she made while standing. She froze when he laid eyes on her again. She was not accustomed to being near humans, cursed or no
:iconnightmares06:nightmares06 21 38
Asuna and Lilly: The Queen's Little Pixie
Asuna Yuuki was a beautiful young girl with long brown hair, brown eyes, light skin, and she wore a white dress attached to her legs, thighs, sides, and shoulders, which reveals her belly and the part of her dress that covers her breasts is held together by a red bow. 
She lived in captivity in a large bird cage at the top of a tree. Held there by a vial man named Sugou or as he prefers to be call, Oberon the Fairy King and this was all his world. The new virtual reality game, Alfhiem. Asuna only had one desire: To see her beloved once again, Kirito. There she remained, waiting for him to rescue her as she knows he will. However, it will be a very long wait. 
"Kirito, me." She mumbled as she sat on her bed, with tears streaking down her face. She met Kirito after being trapped in a virtual reality game called Sword Art Online. There the two had fallen in love, but after after Kirito defeated the final boss and ended the game, freeing the people trapped in it, As
:iconultimateassassin2014:UltimateAssassin2014 36 9
Lineart - Micah by Lovisa93 Lineart - Micah :iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 37 12 Look what I found! by Lovisa93 Look what I found! :iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 55 16 Finally found you by Lovisa93 Finally found you :iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 77 22 Safety by Lovisa93 Safety :iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 64 29 Impossible being by Lovisa93 Impossible being :iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 97 23 Embraced by Lovisa93 Embraced :iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 91 8
Child of the Sea - Chapter 27 - New Turns
It did not take long until the small lake appeared before us, first viewable as a small pond in between the maze of trees. It was oddly fascinating to see the world from Williams height, but rather scary at the same time. Everything looked so tiny from up where I was being held. Forcing myself in an attempt to picturing myself down there, and how that would look.
It was almost as if I had entered another world. Williams world I reminded myself. Threes taking the proportion of low bushes more than standing as tall trees used to, shading the forest floor. The cold wind which rose above  the treetops rustled my hair once more, creating an even messier state to it. In the end, I had to hold some of it up at my cheek in order to keep it away from my eyes.
I was still leaned against Williams chest when his walk suddenly came to an end, legs still hidden at the end of the forest in between the leaves and twigs. Did he not want to walk anymore? I turned around and looked up at him, being
:iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 8 6
Child of the Sea - Chapter 26 - Thoughts
“Jeremy?” I asked after a while filled of silence. “Um… do you think I could take William to the lake?”
“It´s cool if I can´t, since, well if there is people over there. I mean…” I tried, but trailed off eventually. It seemed as if I was asking my dad to take my dog on a walk, which felt remarkably odd in so many different ways. But then again, I needed to do something other than just stay put with him. The lake came in mind and I figured that Jeremy would have the best opinion of how to handle the rather odd situation at hand.
Jeremy was about to pull Rob's arm over his shoulder for support to take him inside as I asked for his advice. He seemed to reflect on my request for a short while, stopping in his step with a thoughtful expression upon his face as he turned. He seemed to be evaluating the situation with great care, and then looked up at me.
“Well I guess that would be fine. I don't really know what to do of everyth
:iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 12 6
Worst first impression - chapter 18 - Seriously?
The same morning, William had woken up alone. The dog was no longer at his side, and for what he could believe, it had run back to the village as he slept. Leaving him alone out there. But he was quite pleased by that outcome anyway. The dog had hopefully returned to its master and his flowers was delivered.
His tummy growled like never before and he realized that he had to solve that problem today. Also… as he got up to a sitting position, he realized that he had not really washed his face jet, and he smelled of sweat and god knows what. It had not crossed his mind until now but if he wanted to be presentable for the little people, he had to wash up a little. What would they think of him otherwise? What would Micah think...
He got up, stretched towards the sky before he tried to find his way over to the little pond. There he could surely tidy himself up even though it was shallow. It took him a while, but eventually he could see the sun reflect the water's surface as he walked i
:iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 17 12
Worst first impression - chapter 17 - Alcohol
Rob got to my side of the oak counter and took a seat next to me. I had not noted the barstools until he did so, and I followed his move as soon as Fenrir let go of my hand.
“So, Micah! What brings you here? ...Did I pronounce that correctly? It's like Mika, right?” Fenrir continued as he poured some ale for us. I tried to insist about not having any alcohol to drink, but I barely managed to lift my hands before he placed the glass before me. Really hospital of him to simply offer us ale like that, but I was not sure how I would react to it.
Ullrica walked into the kitchen behind him, shouting from behind the black curtain. “You guys have already lost your opportunity to order for your selves you know. But sure, I will fix something up for you.”
Now we were just the three of us out in the bar section. Of course , there were other people here, but just a handful since the night was young so to speak. Fenrir was hanging over the bar and seemed really interested by
:iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 13 7
Worst first impression - chapter 10 - The giant
William hung over his little friend and let himself be be pampered with. It was incredible to feel the little hands against the bridge of his nose and he grew calmer by every stroke. The quick decisions he had just taken, really made his heart beat like crazy. Undoubtedly Micah felt the same way as himself and so they both embraced the moment of calmness. On normal circumstances, being pampered like this would just seem odd, but it really didn´t William thought to himself. It was just a moment for them both to connect for the first time.
This really could be called their first meeting. William had been tied up just untill now, and never really seen Micah. Even so, it felt as if they had a really strong connection even before this moment. It was just really something special for William now, to be able to reply to Micah in a way. To show him his appreciation for what he had done for him. He had literally taken the beats for William.
The little creature, Micah, was lying motionless
:iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 20 3
Worst first impression - chapter 9 - Reunion
For a moment time stood still. The guards stood frozen on the spot, William sat motionless and looked at me as I sat below the guards with blood pouring down my face from a wound recently created. It was like the one that moved first would be the one who lost, very much like that game you were playing in the street when you were little. No one dared to take the first step into uncertainty.
The one, who against all expectations, took the first step was me. I was enchanted by the huge presence felt by Williams eyes and could not help but whisper "Help me, help me William..." As I coughed.
The guards reacted to the faint sound of my complainant and refocused himself. One took a firm grip around my throat to silence me and the other seemed to keep his arms around my torso while they turned and ran.
William could hear little voices. Faint voices that whispered through his head as he sat. Since not having understood the words, and as be became buried in his own mental stat
:iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 20 8



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