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Exploring by Squirtster13 Exploring :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 2 0 ripples by Squirtster13 ripples :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 2 0 through the clouds by Squirtster13 through the clouds :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 1 0 sunny with a chance of clouds by Squirtster13 sunny with a chance of clouds :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 1 0 Autumn leaves by Squirtster13 Autumn leaves :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 1 0 Evening Sun by Squirtster13 Evening Sun :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 0 0 Tree in the water by Squirtster13 Tree in the water :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 3 0 Untitled by Squirtster13 Untitled :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 3 0 Green- Nature by Squirtster13 Green- Nature :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 2 0 Firework by Squirtster13 Firework :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 1 0 May 2-4 Fireworks by Squirtster13 May 2-4 Fireworks :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 0 0 Untitled by Squirtster13 Untitled :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 4 0 warm Glow by Squirtster13 warm Glow :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 3 0 Soring Vulture by Squirtster13 Soring Vulture :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 1 0 Beauty in the Evening by Squirtster13 Beauty in the Evening :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 3 0 Bluejay by Squirtster13 Bluejay :iconsquirtster13:Squirtster13 3 0


Forest of Tides G/t Page 26 by Ayami6 Forest of Tides G/t Page 26 :iconayami6:Ayami6 68 20
Mine Forever (Chapter 13) G/t M/f VORE
*** VORE WARNING: for obvi reasons. Check out that title cause this is the trash I need to frickin liiiiiiveee OKAY ***
"Mmh... Little one...?" 
My heart jumped into my throat as my body froze in the darkness. I knew that titan's senses were sharper than humans, but even when they were asleep? Give me a break.
I cringed as I laid my forehead on the floor, staying in my crawling position. 
"Hi." I greeted sleepy Barrett unenthusiastically. I wasn't expecting to get caught so I didn't know what my excuse was going to be for being in his room. 
Did I even have the excuse that it was all Blaine's fault that I was doing this? It was Blaine who said he got away with sneaking into Barrett's room all of the time. And he was so much larger and clumsier than me so if Blaine could do it so could I.
I just needed to get my hands on that notebook, even if it was 3am. Ever since Barrett's secret meetings with the PTI board had been getting more frequent and more secretive, that notebo
:iconelliemarina:EllieMarina 12 17
Why Hiro page14 by Bonka-chan Why Hiro page14 :iconbonka-chan:Bonka-chan 85 21
How To Wake Dan Up
"He's been sleeping for hours." Alice sighed, a bit worried. "We should wake him up."
Runo blew her bangs out of her eyes in a anxious way. "Yeah, but have you seen him when he's grumpy? He'll over-exert his pea-sized brain."
Julie shook her head at Runo, moaning under her breath. "Can't you go five minutes without insulting him?"
Runo stiffled a laugh and shook her head no. Julie rolled her eyes, as she was almost expecting an answer like this.
Marucho was a bit edgy. "We probably should go and wake him up, like Alice said." Alice sent him a thanking nod, and Marucho returned the gesture with a smile.
The group stood up. Shun (Yes, he's there.) lagged behind, being there purely for humor purposes. They climbed the stairs, and then entered Dan's room. "Yuck, it smells like boy."
"It is a boy's room, Runo." Marucho replied, shaking his head as he walked over to Dan, inspecting the scene. He was drooling on his pillow, hugging a stuffed bear, and his blankets were everywhere. "Well, he's
:iconkatokat:Katokat 73 48
[BuckleyxLeesa] Fireside Chats (Chapter 16)
*** VORE WARNING: As usual, this is not news, vore is forever mentioned and unavoidable SORRY LOL ***
    "Do you think Buckley got in trouble?" I turned my body slightly away from the campfire and towards Cat to my left.
    She seemed frustrated with her foundation and was dabbing at her nose, staring into a compact mirror.
    "For that? No." She scoffed and glanced down at me for a moment with a shrug, "guys fight like that all the time."
    My eyes widened. All the time? Like sweet, lovable Buckley fought like that all the time?
    "Well... maybe not all the time," Cat snapped the mirror closed with annoyance, "but guys like Buckley, yeah, kinda." 
    "Huh?" I pulled at the ends of my hair nervously, already daring to relive Buckley's outburst earlier this afternoon.
    "I mean, Buckley's just like, one of those guys. Always has been." 
    Before I
:iconelliemarina:EllieMarina 16 30
Struggles of a Borrower Part 6
"All righty then." Ty set down the cup of coffee. "I want you to try this." Adam frowned.
"What is this?" He inquired, straining to see over the brim of the cup.
"Coffee." Adam managed to scoop up a sip, and he meeped in surprise.
"Tastes good!" He chirped, taking another sip. Ty chuckled and dipped a spoon in the coffee, holding it down for Adam to drink more efficiently.
"It's all-caffeine, no dilution." Then he smirked. "I'm wanting to see how much energetic you get."
"S-SoThisIsAnExperiment?" Adam chattered hyperly. Ty started laughing.
"Yep; it's already in effect." He chortled.
"Sweet!" There was one point where Adam started speaking so rapidly that he was going a whole frequency faster, so Ty stopped him from drinking anymore coffee and chugged the rest. Adam was now running around the house, making Ty have to use his apparently-quick reflexes to put his hand in front of the eccentric borrower, calming him down a few notches. Finally, Adam sat on his shoulder, shaking a little w
:iconendershademc:EnderShadeMC 4 0
Struggles of a Borrower Part 1
It had been seven days since Adam had had to flee his home, hardly one day since he had found a huge building called a school, and it had been only one hour before he realized that the place was about to be flooded with young humans.
He had just collected the last bit of evidence of his existence when he heard the doors be opened for some adult humans that arrived one after the other over time. Panicking, Adam darted out of the hallway and cowered behind the door, waiting for the humans to pass. What was so wrong with humans for him?
Well the main reason was because he was a borrower. Humans were pretty ruthless, they would probably consider him a rodent; a pest meant to be eliminated. So he had spent his whole life trying to survive without getting caught, poisoned, beaten, squished, or even eaten.
A bell ringing caught his attention, and he peeked out of the hall only to be met with a terrifying sight. What seemed like millions of teenage humans were flooding the halls, chattering lo
:iconendershademc:EnderShadeMC 4 3
Sleep Tiny Hiccup, Sleep by dearhoneylemon Sleep Tiny Hiccup, Sleep :icondearhoneylemon:dearhoneylemon 183 100
Sleeping Arrangements - Sequel
Six Years Later…
It was a peaceful morning in the small village of Berk. Well, as peaceful as a Viking village can be. Sure, there was the stray axe thrown here, and the occasional dragon shooting flame there, but overall, the streets were quiet, the air calm. The sun was casting beautiful purple and pink rays across the clouds that lay against the horizon, and the sheep were grazing peacefully on the sloped hillside with no fear of dragon abduction. All in all, with the clear, serene skies and the refreshing wind that wound around the houses, the morning could be best described as-
Well, on second thought, the full extent of the morning's peacefulness may never be known in its entirety, because the reverie was abruptly broken by an enraged cry sounding from the tall house at the top of the hill. The Chieftain's house, to be precise, though anyone listening would note that it was not the chieftain himself who was presently sounding various expressions of
:iconelfpen:Elfpen 41 6
HTTYD - Sleeping Arrangements
The first time, it was downright terrifying.
The second time, it was frightening.
The third time, it made him jump.
The fourth time, it was enough to make him do a double-take.
But by the fifth time that Stoick the Vast had woken up to find a sleeping Night Fury hanging from the living room rafters, it had become downright annoying.
The dragon slept inverted like a bat, which wouldn't have been a problem, if he hadn't insisted on doing so right in front of the front door. All Stoick wanted to do was to get up, get to his morning affairs in the town, and get on with his day. But unfortunately, all this required the ability to get out of the house, which was quite impossible with a drowsy – no, scratch that, dead – Night Fury blocking the way. Toothless didn't snore, fidget, growl, or move in his sleep. In fact, that was the crux of the problem. The beast slept more soundly than a rock.
Cautiously, Stoick shoved the dragon to one side, wondering if this would rous
:iconelfpen:Elfpen 143 21
Baby Night Fury by Elfpen Baby Night Fury :iconelfpen:Elfpen 204 29 For Bonka: GIANT Hiccup+Astrid by funky-blinkit For Bonka: GIANT Hiccup+Astrid :iconfunky-blinkit:funky-blinkit 31 11 Gotcha... by Bonka-chan Gotcha... :iconbonka-chan:Bonka-chan 273 27 Giant Hiccup by Bonka-chan Giant Hiccup :iconbonka-chan:Bonka-chan 1,505 293 HTBG Cover WIP by Bonka-chan HTBG Cover WIP :iconbonka-chan:Bonka-chan 696 101 Thanks, Bud... by Bonka-chan Thanks, Bud... :iconbonka-chan:Bonka-chan 473 80



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